How to choose the right carpet for you

How to choose the right carpet for you

Carpets make rooms cozy and warm while reducing noise and creating a soft pillow-like surface for you to walk on. While some people think carpets are outdated, they are still pretty much alive and rolling! Or shall we say unrolling, since more and more carpets are being bought today!

You’ve settled for the fact that you need a carpet in your home but then what? The next step is to consider a few things prior to making the purchase. Look at carpet buying as a long term commitment, don’t just buy it because it looks pretty and then be stuck with having to maintain it. Some carpets are just more difficult to maintain than others. That also depends on you and your family, as in whether you have kids or even pets.

The first thing you should consider when choosing a carpet is the size. Decide whether you want a carpet that’s going to fit the whole room or just the front area. Then think about shape, a rectangle or a circle shaped carpet? Have in mind which solutions would fit your interior design best. Having these questions answered before heading out to a carpet scavenger hunt can make the process a whole lot easier.

Once you’ve figured out the size and the shape, consider which material and color to go for, especially if you have kids or pets. Choosing a white carpet would be a nightmare for a dog owner. In that case, go for something that can easily cover up some small stains.

Next, look into types of fibers carpets are made of. Would you rather go for a fluffy plush carpet or a more sturdy one? Maybe even something in between? When choosing a carpet, it is important to consider the fiber it is made of because of the ease of maintenance. As we said already, don’t settle for a carpet only because you like it’s appearance. Keep in mind that you will have to clean and maintain it, which wont be easy if you choose a carpet with hard to clean material.

As far as color goes, we already said that for pet owners bright colors are a no. Even for people with kids it is recommended to get darker carpets, as bright ones get dirty very quickly, especially with a child crawling over it all day. Darker colored carpets actually make a room feel more cozy while bright ones make it feel more open and fresh.However, it all depends on you interior design and how well you combine it with the color of the furniture.

To sum it all up, when choosing a carpet, decide on shape and size before going out to the stores. Consider how much the carpet would get dirty and rethink choosing bright solutions, as they get visibly dirty much faster than dark ones. Keep in mind the fabrics a carpet is made of, since you will be stuck maintaining it ever since you take it out the door!

Do it yourself – Install a carpet

Do it yourself – Install a carpet

Installing a caret sounds like an easy task if you’ve never done it before. Simply unroll the carpet and lay it on the floor. However, you are very mistaken about that. Installing a carpet requires preparation and knowledge. It’s true that installing some carpets is fairly easy. More specifically, the small ones, as you can just place them wherever and voila!

However, we are talking here about heavy, hardcore wall to wall carpets that must fit your room perfectly. If you had the right knowledge on carpeting, you would know that it comes in 9-foot, 12-foot and 15-foot width, which means you will have to size it according to your space.

The first step of this DIY gig is to remove everything that is in your way. Don’t leave the furniture in the room and measure around it, as that can only lead to false measurements and a bit later to complete carpet installation failure. Therefore, remove all the furniture from the room and make sure it’s only you, the floor and the carpet.

Your next step is to measure the size of your floor, thus the size of the carpet you will need. As carpeting comes in default sizes, you will have to do this tiny customization on your own. The width times length gives you the square footage of the carpet you’re going to cut. However, you can skip to maths and head to carpeting right away. Cut the carpet carefully to the right size you need.

Now comes the difficult part, which is cutting and actually placing the carpet. But hold on, there are still some preparations that need to get done. We recommend getting some knee pads for this part of the job. If you’re installing the carpet on hardwood floor, make sure it is solid and completely clean. Check for any missing or visible nails that could be a hazard for the carpet.

Then begin placing your Mckenzie and Willis carpet by unrolling from the center of the room. Make sure the carpet is fully unrolled and ready to do it’s job! Then, start from the wall opposite to the door of the room. Start fitting the carpet onto the floor, matching the wall line and fitting it neatly in the corner. Do so for all four wall sides and corners as well. Once that’s done, go over to check whether you have any air bubbles left under your carpet. If so, simply step on them until they find a way out!

These few tips can help you effectively set up a carpet yourself. However, it most certainly wouldn’t be easy. Why should you even bother anyway since there are plenty of services that can do this work for you. All you have to do is sit back and relax while your new carpet is being put to its place. If you’re more of a do it yourself person, then go ahead and take on the challenge of installing a full wall to wall carpet and enjoy your hard work afterwards!

Carpet maintenance

Carpet maintenance

Maintaining your carpet may sound like a nightmare but it doesn’t have to be! If you know how to properly treat your carpet with the right products and cleaning techniques, it is guaranteed to last longer and look as good as new! So, what should you do, you may ask? Worry not, for we have the right solutions for you! Here are a few tips on how to effectively maintain your carpet.

Treat stains immediately

Food spilling or accidental dropping is the most common reason wool carpet get destroyed. However, it doesn’t have to mean it’s the end right there! The key is to act fast and treat the stain immediately. Carefully pick up what you can pick up and apply detergent on the stain right after. If you wait for it to dry off, it will be almost impossible to clean up. Once the detergent softens the stained area of the carpet, rub the dirt out and let it dry. Make sure to always use high quality and approved cleaning solutions to avoid damaging the color of the carpet.

Treat stubborn stains

Sometimes, stains just wont give in that easily. If they fight back and you find yourself struggling to remove them, moist the area with  3% hydrogen peroxide and let it sink in for about an hour. Come back to it and rinse and wash off again. The stain should then be gone.

Regular maintenance

To keep your carpet fresh and clean you need to vacuum it regularly. Depending on the type of carpet, you will have to use different vacuum extensions for best results. If you find snags on your carpet, don’t pull them, as you can damage the whole thing. Instead, carefully cut them off with scissors.

Furniture dents

If your carpet is under a heavy piece of furniture such as a heavy table, it will have dents in the most pressured areas. Once you move the furniture, the dents are visible and, thus, ruin the appearance of the carpet. To fix the dents, you can use a blow dryer to heat up the area slightly (don’t blow dry too close). The heat will make the fabrics softer so that you can stroke them back into regular shape. If the carpet is still sturdy, use a coin to get it straight.

Water damage

Water damage is one of the reasons many carpets are thrown away. If the water damage is small, you can easily fix it by drying the area with a blow dryer or taking the carpet out to dry off. However, large water damage cannot be fixed without professional carpet cleaning machines. In that case, consider taking your carpet to a professional service.

Considering how much the carpet is used, you should be taking it to professional cleaners at least once every 12 to 18 months. By implementing the techniques and advice mentioned above, you will significantly increase the carpet’s lifespan and keep it looking fresh and good as new! Make sure to consider the type of your carpet, as not all types can undergo all cleaning procedures.